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6 Tips for Small Business Owners to Promote Workplace Wellness

6 Tips for Small Business Owners to Promote Workplace Wellness

May 31, 2023

Work is stressful at times, and anxiety and stress among your employees may lead to performance issues and an overall lower productivity rate. By promoting wellness in the workplace, you may reduce employee burnout and make the work environment more pleasant and productive. Below are a few simple tips to follow to help promote wellness in your small business. 

1. Give Them the Tools to Be Prepared

Preparation and organization may help to manage stress loads. Provide your employees with what they need to stay organized and prepared for their workday. A proper office space and supplies may be one part of this. Create team meetings that help to improve communications, so everyone in a project is on the same page.1

2. Encourage Breaks

Getting the proper rest is a vital part of physical and mental health for many. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night could be enough to help you feel rested. However, many people fail to get that much quality sleep each night. Encourage your employees to take their breaks and rest or power nap if needed to be more alert and ready to tackle the rest of the day.1

3. Promote an Active Lifestyle

Exercise is another essential component of physical and mental health. Many employees have sedentary jobs, which give them little physical activity during the day. Consider offering gym memberships or membership reimbursements up to a certain amount. This practice lets employees know you’re concerned about their wellness and supports them to get the exercise they need to stay healthy.1

4. Encourage Ideas

Part of mental wellness is being involved in the goings-on in your company. When employees feel like they are a part of the decisions, they are more likely to feel invested in the company goals, appreciated, and happy in their workplace. Try to include employees in meetings and encourage them to voice their opinions. Even something as simple as a suggestion box may help employees feel heard and bring some good ideas to the company.2

5. Review Your Health Insurance

While health insurance is sometimes expensive for small businesses, it is a vital component of your employees' well-being. Review your policy on an annual basis to check the coverage, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. If deductibles or copays are too high, employees may be less likely to address their health. Find ways to make healthcare affordable for your employees, whether that is through a lower deductible or a higher percentage of coverage. Remember, better employee health may mean fewer sick days and heightened productivity.2

6. Have Some Fun

Even if you're the boss, it is okay to have fun with your employees. Sponsor company activities and events where employees are able to socialize. Create a more relaxed environment while fostering a team mentality.2

Healthy employees are more happy and productive in most cases. Follow the tips above to help promote workplace wellness and create an environment that is healthy and happy for all. 


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